About St. Paul's Chapel, Nairobi

Parish Pastoral Council. Fr. Hunja & Fr. Mbugua have since been transferred from St. Paul's

Our Heritage

The community comprises two groups: the students together with the University Community and the St. Paul’s regular Sunday Community comprising of University alumni from local universities and abroad. There are alumni from Kenya Polytechnic (now University), the many colleges around the city and many other training colleges associated with St. Paul’s over the years. Part of the community is the St. Paul’s Youth who have been born, baptized and confirmed here. The young pupils of schools around St. Paul’s such as Nairobi Primary School (both Primary and Secondary) and State House Girls; the Sunday School children and many workers living around St. Paul’s or are associated with St. Paul’s Chapel who continue to be active in various programmes of the Chapel.

There are nine campuses, namely: The Medical School, Chiromo, Parklands, Up- per Kabete, Lower Kabete, Kikuyu Campus, Kenya Science Teachers College campus and main campus. These plus the surrounding community form the primary source of the membership of St. Paul's Chapel.

Pope Paul IV Blessed It

The foundation stone of St. Paul’s Chapel was blessed by Pope Paul VI in Kampala on 1st August 1969. Two student representatives from YCS were sent by Fr. Patrick Astor (Opus Dei) to Uganda to have one stone blessed. These were the late Matildah Simiyu and the late Khimulu (the late). The construction work started thereafter 1st August 1969. Mr. Michael Njuguna and Mr. Pancras Oyatsi recall5 well when the chapel was opened to students in 1972. There were no pews and they had to celebrate mass while standing.

Golden Jubilee

In August 2019, we marked the 50th Anniversary of the St. Paul’s Chaplaincy. We started the Golden Jubilee Celebrations that included the erection of St. Paul's Statue, putting up a Marian Grotto, visiting the prisons by the community as an act of following in the foot-steps of our patron saint, among other activities. The Jubilee celebrations were set to run till January of 2022. We thank all those who put their heads together to think of a place of worship within the University of Nairobi.
The history of trying to build a place of worship within the University goes back to 1956 when the University of Nairobi was founded as the Royal Technical College. It was part of the University of East Africa associated with University of London. In 1969 Pope Paul VI visited Kampala to beatify the Uganda Martyrs and Mrs. Mechtilda Simiyu and Dr. Pascal Khimulu traveled to Kampala by OTC bus to present the foundation stone to Pope Paul VI for blessing. This marked the birth of the St. Paul’s Community.
St. Paul's Chapel Nairobi

Our Priests

At St. Paul's, we have several priests that associate with the parish. They are in the schedule for the daily Masses at St. Paul's. But the following are officially stationed at St. Paul's.
Rev. Fr. Moses Kago
He is the Parish Priest at St. Paul's Chapel and thus the leader of all the priests within. Until 19th of May 2022, Fr. Kago was at Blessed Sacrament, Buru Buru parish. He comes in to take over from Rev. Fr. Dr. Stephen Mbugua. Here, he is also the chaplain of CMA (MOSP), Choir, Liturgical Committee, Ushers & Helpers and PMC.
Rev. Fr. Victor Mbuthia
Fr. Victor is the Assistant Parish Priest at St. Paul's Chapel and also the chaplain for St. Paul's Youth (SPY), CJPC, FOSP and Legion of Mary at St. Paul's Chaplaincy & Parish. He is also the Youth Chaplain in the Archdiocese of Nairobi (ADN); a position previously held by Fr. Edwin Hunja when he was at St. Paul's.
Rev. Fr. Peter Kaigua
Fr. Kaigua is the Catholic Chaplain for the University of Nairobi and therefore in charge of the entire chaplaincy as far as University of Nairobi Students Welfare is concerned. This spans all the 9 campuses of the University. He's also the chaplain for CWA, Lectors, Family Life & Sacred Heart groups at St. Paul's.

Small Christian Communities (SCC)

St. Paul's Chapel has embarked on a serious development of Small Christian Communities; a concept that had not been very successful previously. From 2021, SCC have become the real pillars of the Parish and every member of the parish is encouraged to identify with one within their neighbourhoods. In the photo is St. Rita SCC.

Church Groups

While SCC is a new concept in St. Paul's, the parish has always had thriving Church Groups for decades. These groups and/or ministries have been the primary source of leadership and development of the church. They are still strong and going on. In the photo is Lectors' Group during the Fun Run 2021.
St. Paul's Chapel Nairobi


The parish priest is the dejure chairman of all church groups and committees. To assist him in the management of all the affairs of the parish, there are specific committees alongside the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) which brings together all the leaders of all the groups and SCCs. Below are some of the committees involved in various assignments.
Liturgical Committee.
All matters to do with Liturgy are run by this particular committee. That includes the liturgical calendar, animation of Mass, etc.
Development Committee
This team handles all development projects and program and ensure they are executed accordingly.
Finance Committee
The members of this committee ensure prudence utilization of all the parish finances and provide reports accordingly.
Security Team
We have security matters to be addressed on continuous basis at the parish including during all the Masses. Ensuring the parishioners are safe within the precincts of the parish.
Emergency & Response
All emerging emergency issues including these recent events like Covid19 require a specific team to address so that there is proper order and focus. This is the team responsible.
Technical Team
This team is in charge of all technological related matters including consultation and advise to PPC on suitable solutions. They ensure broadcast of Masses via YouTube as well.